Below is a list of clients we've recently done business with, along with their positive testimonials. For references, these individuals are available on-demand.

  • Megan Johnke, Lifescape, 2018:
"Thank you L&L so much for making this project happen with as little disruption as possible. I am quite impressed by that, and you have certainly gone above and beyond to help us manage with what we have during this whole process. The staff have shared that you have been extremely helpful, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that!! Thank you!"

  • Paul Bergman, CFO, Long Lines, 2018:
“L&L Builders did a great job managing this remodeling project for us. We needed to continue to serve our customers through the project and L&L was extremely flexible in accommodating our employee schedules and kept interruptions to a minimum. Our employees are very happy with the new look and layout.”

  • Jim Johnson, President, Urban Inc., 2018:
"We have worked with L & L Builders Co. for over three decades. L & L has worked with us on projects as small as $1,500 that require two men and a pickup truck to projects in the millions.

Our largest projects have been in the $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 range. Some of these projects have involved Federal Money and the scrutiny that goes with that. L & L has always brought the right team to the project, handled all of the subs associated with the job and stayed on schedule. Large projects require the entire team to work together to achieve the best results and a timely completion. L & L has never disappointed us on timeliness, quality or price."

  • Jeff Jung, General Manager, Slumberland Furniture
"L&L Builders has proven to be a good partner during the remodeling of our showroom at Slumberland Furniture in Sioux City. Their attention to detail and efforts to minimize the impact on our daily operations were keys to the success of the project."

  • Jeff Turner, Area Vice President, WestRock Company, 2018:
"The building expansion WestRock just completed in Sioux City was our largest undertaking of the year. We could not have done it without the help of our dedicated contractors in the SiouxLand community. In particular L&L Builders was willing to tackle the tough jobs and make it look easy. Their dedicated resources made all the difference."

  • Jerry Ripley, JEO, Architectural Engineering Firm, 2017:
"Congratulations to L & L Builders on the opening of the South Sioux City Fire Station! Great project and a great product!"

  • Pat Geary, C.F.O., Story Construction, 2017:
"On behalf of the entire Story Construction family, I'd like to congratulate L & L Builders for being nominated for our
2017 Subcontractor of the Year Award.

L & L Builders was nominated for your work on three projects at the Cherokee Mental Health Institute with the following comments:

L & L Builders has been a rare contractor in that they have been strong both in the field and office. Their projects have gone well because they have planned well, been engaged, responded promptly when needed, and have proactively executed the submittal process. L & L has been a good partner and they have been enjoyable to work with. They have been open with ideas on how to do things better. During the bidding process, they have been an engaged bidder. They have done a really good job of navigating the State's online project management system too. They have been solid with respect to safety, quality, and timely and accurate information.

We hope you will share these comments with everyone at your company and let them know we truly value our relationship with you.

Again, congratulations on your nomination and thanks for your continued partnership with Story Construction."

  • Kirk Hanna, Principal, Alta Elementary School, 2017:
The principal applauded the contractor, L&L Builders out of Sioux City, for working daily with the school leaders and making sure subcontractor work remained on schedule. "They have done an amazing job."

  • Ben Oberle, Administrator, Accura Healthcare, Sioux City Facility, 2017:
"The work that L & L Builders did for us was amazing. After the completion of their work we had everyone tell us it looked like a completely different place. We are so happy to have partnered with them on this project."

  • Matt Basye, Principal, FEH Design, 2017:
"I am pleased to write this letter of reference for L&L Builders Co. on behalf of FEH Design. L&L Builders and FEHDesign have completed numerous successful projects using various project delivery methods over many years.We have developed a strong relationship based on mutual respect, open communication, and understanding of each party’s roles/responsibilities through the design and construction process.

We have found that L&L Builders is willing and able to meet the unique needs of clients through their professionalism and expertise each time a project is undertaken. They have consistently shown a high level of commitment to the best interest of the client. We have come to rely on their professional advice and appreciate the service provided by their staff on a wide variety and scale of projects.

Even the smallest project can be complex and challenges often arise. It is extremely important to have individuals who are thoughtful, flexible, experienced, and knowledgeable when dealing with these situations. L&LBuilders and its employees have demonstrated these qualities through a team approach that emphasizes collaboration, not contention.

Based on our many years of experience and completed projects with L&L Builders, FEH Design would have no hesitation in recommending L&L Builders for your project."

  • Kermit Dahlen, CEO, Jackson Recovery Centers, 2015:
"They’re absolutely highly professional people. But at the same time, they create relationships with you. They create relationships with the owner, the sub-contractor, the architects, and we work as a collaborative team to be able to identify problems, and also identify alternative ways to do things to save money and to complete the project on time."

Joel Jarman, General Manager
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